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Gemini Season - Perspective: It's All in Your Head...

I know I said Taurus season was a time for grounding, but it didn’t come easy, did it, loves? but hey, whew! You made it to Gemini season - May 20th! Mercury is about your intellect, learning and broadening your perspective in the world. If you feel like you need some time for integration after the latest eclipses, you’re not alone. But - how is that possible? The Sun is now moving into social, chatty, curious Gemini! Except - its ruler, Mercury, is still retrograde and has already been in Gemini doing some work before the Sun showed up to the party. Need a translator? Wires can get crossed during Mercury retrograde, but don’t just nod and smile through this one. Let’s take a minute, because I want you to get this:

The curiosity of Mercury right now, with Mercury retrograde, is intended to be a curiosity for you about yourself. Have you had your socks knocked off recently by a blow to the status-quo? A lot of us have. Though Gemini is usually social, it is also about listening and learning. So listen to your own inner dialogue and see if you even like what you’re telling yourself. Get curious about what messages you’re sending yourself on the daily and if they sound like they’re coming from a friend, foe, or cranky ol’ such and such who no one wants to be around. If you’re not liking what your’e telling yourself, this is the perfect time to pivot. Change your focal point on the story and get curious and wondrous about what the heck it all means and why you may have taken a hairpin turn on two wheels to end up in crankyville. Again, it’s about tweaking your perspective. If you're leaning heavy the negative side, you’re not being an ally to yourself. Find the roots of those invasive weeds in your mind and carefully and lovingly dig them up. They do have something to teach you. Get curious about the lesson and become a student of yourself. On May 21, the Sun will conjunct Mercury in Gemini, so your ego and vitality can get a boost from this internal sifting so you can rekindle your sense of wonder in yourself and your magnificent and original masterpiece: your method of participation in your own life!

If you can manage this with enthusiasm and grace, Mars, your assertion, desire, and motivation will be an ally at the starting blocks in its home sign of Aries on May 24th. This will give some much needed drive toward what is alive in you, which may be just shaking off the weight of all that weight you’ve been carrying around. Use your voice and your energy consciously, though, retrograde Mercury is still asking you to stay humble and observe yourself for a bit longer as it slips back into Taurus on May 28th.

The day before the new moon in Gemini on May 29th, Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Aries. This is BIG energy! The danger is that you could overestimate yourself in this time, throw a big party for your gregarious self, and have to clean up the confetti all by yourself later. Especially with Mercury getting ready to turn direct, the chances for an enthusiastic misunderstanding are, well, encouraging. The beauty of life is that we have choice, which is the most powerful tool we can wield at any given time. The highest objective is to be consistently learning so that you can make choices with a deeper connection to your intuition and with a more informed sensibility for wisdom. Both of these things come from one core wisdom: know thyself. Use your voice and your sense of wonder to explore how dropping the pebble of how you insert yourself into the world around you has a ripple effect. Throw the boomerang and see what comes back. And on May 30th, use that knowledge to set your intentions for what it is you really want to know and how you really want to interact with your environment.

Mercury goes direct in Taurus on June 3rd. Enjoy, because the next day, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. The area of life affected depends on the house that Saturn occupies in your birth chart. Use this time to get disciplined about your own personal brand of individuality and genius, meditate on it and spend some time alone between Gemini outings and don’t be afraid to set boundaries to protect your authenticity. Cultivate your inner hermit and use your determination to connect with your true self. You may feel lost in this world, but it is your natural habitat. Perhaps when we start to feel alienated in the world, we are mostly just estranged from ourselves. This is a question to ponder with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

And then…Just one week before the Summer Solstice is a full moon in Sagittarius. My wish for you is that you really sponge up the gratitude during this full moon. This is a time to recognize that the energy you have put toward the things that give you meaning in life are bursting with optimistic, fun-loving reciprocation. Have a good belly-laugh and roll around on the ground with gleeful ridiculousness. Seriously, how long has it been since you just felt blissfully happy for no apparent reason? Can you find the good, the giddy, the fun-loving side of you? Can you find the kid that used to like magic, jokes, horses, running a muck, impulsivity? They’re in there and beckoning you to understand that there is some area of your life that is overflowing with abundance right now. Squeeze all of the goodness you can out of that feeling, for as long as humanly possible. That is my wish…Until next time, loves. Give yourself love on all of the days in all of the ways!

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