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Turn on Your Heart Light! ... Can You Find the Switch?

Heal thyself, and only then will you be able to heal the world. Welcome, my friends, to the sun in altruistic freedom-loving Aquarius - January 20th, 2022. With the subject of true freedom, I always seem to get magnetically drawn to the subject of healing, oneness and integration. As we leave the discipline and wisdom of Capricorn and enter the season of individuality, rebelliousness and genius, we can sense that the solitude of winter has finally "gone to our heads." As our inner pendulum swings, we feel the pull of a new energy. As we feel the days getting longer and our toes longing for not-too-far-away defrosting, we feel a jolt of inspiration and a longing for freedom. Freedom from the layers of clothing, like the burdensome layers of our outdated states of consciousness and the mythologies that we have made habits of identifying with. Perhaps it is time to rebel from our self-made burdens- consciously.

With Aquarius, the highest octave of freedom is to individuate from our surroundings in service to our inspirations and not as a reaction to our circumstances. As for rebelliousness, we hope to not rebel against, but rebel with the conviction of pure light in our hearts. And with genius, we hope for the purposeful conviction of lightning-quick intuition that occurs in body enlightened and not the accident of unawareness that precedes insanity. But how do we facilitate these higher octaves? How do we build the bridge between where we are and where we want to be?

Astrology, as well as many other disciplines, honors the concept of Yin and Yang, or duality. Night and day, the moon and sun, represent the ego/will and the intuition/consciousness. Perhaps we look to Chiron, the Centaur known as the wounded healer. A centaur is half man (warrior/ego) and half animal (instinct/consciousness). In mythology, Chiron was an innocent bystander when he was hit by a stray arrow in a ruckus fight over wine. The wound would have killed him, except that he was immortal and therefore, paradoxically, he had to live eternally with the pain of a terminal wound. Though not expressly stated, eventually, Chiron had integrated the dualities that literally embodied him and developed a heart of service as a teacher and mentor, and in doing so, presumably had developed psychological freedom from his wound.

This time of year, take time to cultivate balance. Shovel the sidewalks of your mind so you don't slip and fall on your thoughts. Perspective is best taken when you are an observer and not an actor in the feature film of the season. That is when we truly develop freedom - and the only freedom that truly exists is being in the present moment and fully and sensually in our bodies. We can rest assured and offer ourselves to the service of humanity because we are each the creator of our own personal feature film or mythology. When you are present in each moment, arriving in the ever-present now, and now, and now, always arriving, you are open to inspiration, your own personal genius and also your own personal grace. If you are caught in judgement, service can be tricky business. Keep your thoughts pure and your mind clear and then you will be ready for intuitive insights.

Lastly, I grew up on Neil Diamond songs. I promise this is going somewhere. One of his songs says, "turn on your heart light. Let it shine wherever you go. Let it make a happy glow, for all the world to see." If you want to soak up the oldie-but-goodie tune from the whispy-haired 70-s heartthrob, check out the link: In the mean time, if you can't find the switch in the dark, don't worry. Turn inward, it's in there, not out here with the rest of us. The season of Aquarius will offer you the insight on how to find it in your own way. Then you can shine on, you crazy diamond. With all of those facets, there's gotta be some eccentricity that is dying to come out! The truth is, rebelliousness, freedom and genius are needs that we all possess. So go ahead! We need your individuation, your freedom, your rebelliousness, your authenticity. But first, share it with yourself - remember to give yourself love in your own unique love language on all the days... in all the ways.

Until next time, lovelies,

Dr. Moxie

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