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Hold onto your Hats! It's Taurus Season!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

And a warm welcome to Taurus season, Loves! April 19-May 20th will bring some long-in-coming grounding into our lives! There is so much deep and spiritual work happening from the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces that I think we are all left wanting for a forest meadow and a siesta! It may feel like a very disillusioning time for you. Know that this is not the time to have the answer in your back pocket. Just experience the unfolding of the answers while perusing your favorite healthy, fulfilling pleasures of the ever-unfolding now. Open your hearts and minds and breathe in the blossom’s fragrance and find solace in the fact that after a long winter, the trees are still fulfilling their promise to blossom, and as the flowers open, the bees magically appear to do their work while we just marvel at it all. It is like magic. We can trust in this rhythm and it gives us comfort. This level of wisdom is so very central to Taurus season. We may not have the long picture or even the short understanding of our current lives, but we know that there is an intelligence to the universe and that it keeps us alive. This is the matter-of-fact faith that allows the sensual pleasure of Taurus to take place - to be in your body and enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive and trusting the cosmos.

I was talking with a buddhist the other day who said she could feel the frequency the forrest and that the trees anchored that energy into the Earth. In the last week of this month, Venus, the ruler of grounding Taurus and the planet of wealth, beauty and calm will be joining Neptune and Jupiter in their ruling sign, Pisces. This is a beautiful, balancing energy that roots the mystical consciousness of Pisces like those trees in the forrest. And in this way, we, too, can be anchors for the powerful consciousness of this time and experience the benefit of its wealth and beauty. Fill your proverbial energetic tank and stress about gas prices another day. This three-planet conjunction merges the nonphysical with the physical and brings a sense of enlightened sensuous simplicity in the joy of being.

Wait, what? You say you still feel a bit chaotic? Well, in nature as in life, one extreme doesn’t exist without its opposite close by. The new moon at the end of this month has a huge exclamation point for a couple of reasons: Pluto goes retrograde on April 29th, the day before the eclipse, bringing our power and control issues into our introspective pool of consciousness. Cannonball!! Don’t drown in it all - remember your lifeguard is always on watch - it’s your connection to spirituality and all of the supportive energy in Pisces. Meditate, pray, do yoga, paint, sing and dance. If you start drowning, count on all of that Piscean energy to help you catch your breath. Separating from the drama and maintaining the observer’s perspective is key to your successful swim in Pluto-pool. This is an ongoing energy so remember your allies in nature to help you stay grounded, too!

And as for the new moon on April 30th… it’s a whopper, starting off eclipse season with a solar eclipse in Taurus conjunct the planet of shock, rebellion, humanitarianism and genius: Uranus. This eclipse is bound to bring some major and possibly unforeseen changes. So hold onto your hat and keep your perspective… this is all in the service of growth! Solar eclipse energy, especially with Uranian influence, can bring swift change, shocking new beginnings and twists of fate. During this new moon, batten down and breathe. Keep your manifestation rituals close to your heart and don’t release them in this new moon round. Again, don’t put your energy into manifesting now. Eclipse energy can be erratic and it’s our job to hold our energetic space with integrity and observe what is happening around us. Things that happen around this time are not a coincidence. So stay open and curious and remember the poise of the Bull.

Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini on April 29th, making for easy connections and communication. But this is also the same day as Pluto goes retrograde. These planets will be in agreement with each other, so perhaps you will have some effective communication with regard to your deepest truths that have been in your personal storm cellar for too long. This time period is short, though, because Mercury goes retrograde on May 10th until June 2.

Jupiter and Venus enter Aries in the first week and half of May, adding some drive to your desires and opportunities. Don’t be too quick to jump into anything, though, says Mercury retrograde. Then on May 15th there will be the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio! There may be some powerful conclusions or changes of heart at this time. Perhaps some of the deep work you have been doing will result in a shift in your life. Don’t push it, just see what comes. Again, this is a powerful time in its own right and it’s best to just be a good witness.

So, as always, be patient with yourselves, your lives and the challenges you face. Sink deep into the seat of your soul and allow life’s simple pleasures to fill your cup. There are changes afoot, and growth to be had. Growing pains? They’re inevitable, but, suffering is optional. Have faith and know that the harshest conditions grow the best grapes. If you’re patient, the universe may even peel one for you. Remember to give yourself love - on all the days in all of the ways.

Try easy, loves. Until next time…

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