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The Looming Winter...

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I've been in a pretty existential mood lately. Finding ways to ground and find peace is exactly what the change in seasons is about, but for some of us, the looming winter seems to be a long, cold, barren proposition. Even when pondering the things I love about winter: snowboarding, fires in the fireplace, chestnuts, watching snow fall, the quiet evenings... still, the prospect of literally turning inward this season seems difficult. Taking time to reflect on the past year and how we spend our time, energy and love is all part of this process. A falling away of what is no longer serving us is no longer a choice. The leaves will change and fall to the ground without our permission.

And with our most unwelcome guest, Covid, overstaying its welcome as well as the fallout from his overwhelming entrance, we have a lot to ponder. Especially now that we've realized that no one is talking about "returning to normal" anymore. We've realized that this is it. The constant uncovering of our cultural missteps has been daunting and downright trauma-inducing for many. As a culture, as Garth Brooks said, "we bury the hatchets and leave the handles sticking out." We must move forward and face our future with a renewed wisdom. This requires practicing being present and learning how to foster a quiet internal environment. Before we can address all of the issues we see outside of ourselves, it is essential that we do the work that literally haunts us in the night. We must face ourselves and start doing a little internal Marie Kondo and get rid of what does not bring us joy.

As we move from Scorpio season to Sagittarius season, know that the archer is about mastery and joyful presence. It is about knowing and sharing knowledge. We move from the realm of interpersonal relations and going deep into ourselves and our relationships to a more universal consciousness. So as we slow down in the winter, we are able to consider the world outside. Not just outside our front door, but outside our realm of experience. Sagittarius asks us to see the forest for the trees and focus on what is important. Hint:"what is important" is often much more simple than indulging in the mental and emotional habits that we often preoccupy ourselves with.

Then, once we move into Capricorn, we celebrate solitude and wisdom. Saturn, which belongs to Capricorn, is the planet of discipline and delays. But is also a sign of high achievement. This is the paradox of the mythical Sea Goat. As our society became industrialized and capitalized, the wise old man we used to describe Saturn's energy became the CEO. The master of the concrete jungle. But more traditionally, this sign is about a deep wisdom that comes from solitude, resourcefulness and patience. Remember that earth signs (like Capricorn) are Yin, or are about the internal process and internal focus. The faith of Sagittarius says that we know winter is coming and we have the experience to weather it. Capricorn follows, present in solitude, gathering internal resources that will carry us through the new year with wisdom to share. So remember to breathe, be kind, and keep your chin up and your toes warm. If you don't have anyone nearby to give love to, give it to yourself. Always give love to yourself, in all of the ways, on all of the days.

Here is a poem inspired by the season:

PATIENCE with Life

It is not yours to take

It is yours to have

you must open your heart

enough to feel what is

and has always been


And to grow into this

is not only your destiny

it is your duty


But this coming into being

is not something you "try"

it is to be lived into, aged into being


Slow can be just a fraction of time

as you measure it

it is your degree of presence

your degree of embodied life force

that counts the passing.


are more than you know

but it is so much less than you are trying to be

less rigid, less effort, less jaw-clenching

more living.

Live into the answer

like a rose bud

unfolds into an expression of love.

It is not yours to take

It is yours to have.

Savor it slowly.

Have a good day, loves.

Dr. Moxie

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